Joplyn amazes and inspires all that come to know her

Joplyn  was born on July 25, 2013 with undiagnosed Hypoplastic left heart syndrome. She had her Norwood Sano procedure at 7 days old followed by a tribe and Nissan fundaplocation at 21 days. She had the Glynn procedure at 5 months of age. She has had several other heart Cath and various other procedures. She had her 3rd surgery –  Fontan in July 2016. Although there were some complications along the way, she has done remarkably well. Aside from her cardiac ailment she is a healthy and vibrant young girl. She participates in following her 3 siblings to all sorts of sporting events and partakes in the ones she is able to do. She continues to amaze and inspire all who come to know her.

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