3D anatomy reconstruction in the cardiac cath lab

Cutting edge imaging technology at the cardiac catheterization laboratory  Read how 3D imaging technology helped baby Olive and her family “Not only can surgeons anticipate the condition of the heart prior to surgery, but Dr. Zablah says they’ve also cut radiation and procedural time by more than half.” Traditionally, imaging in the pediatric catheterization laboratory […]

1-pound baby Mandie has hole in heart closed through tiny incision instead of open heart surgery

Source CBS4 Denver, September 30, 2019 A baby girl, born weighing just over a pound, has a better chance at a healthy life after having a hole in her heart closed. Doctors at Children’s Hospital Colorado made the repair through one tiny incision, rather than open-heart surgery. With prematurity often comes problems. Luckily, Mandie cleared […]

Fundraising Focus

There are many tools and resources that can help you kick off your fundraising efforts and reach your $1000.00 donations goal. Take the initial steps to kick off your fundraising.  Update your e-mail signature. Ask friends on social media to donate. Share the URL to your donation page with the family for whom you are […]

E-mail signature & Social Media

E-mail Signature A great way to boost your fundraising efforts is by including a short line about the Courage Classic Tour in your email signature, along with a link to your fundraising page.  Here is an example:  I’m riding in the Courage Classic bicycle tour to raise money for Children’s Hospital Colorado to support projects at […]

Low-radiation cardiac catheterization

While minimally-invasive catheterization is lower risk than open heart surgery, the procedure does use radiation. And in any medical procedure or test that uses radiation, lowering the radiation dose to the minimum exposure necessary should be a key goal. Our Program has substantially decreased the amount of radiation needed for heart cath procedures. With the […]